2012-Olympics, Diamond Jubilee, Euro 2012… and Mobile


The first three are a fact, the fourth a speculation as I am sure you have all heard it claimed before. However, there is real momentum from the previous three years of industries converging, the need to stimulate interest/demand by every step of the consumption cycle culminating in habit-forming practices that now seem second nature to all of us.

Mobile devices now consume more variants of data than any other single device a consumer may carry. From watching the latest movie release, playing that addictive app, checking in to your flight, booking your grocery delivery, updating the presentation before you walk into a meeting, or paying for your coffee, these are all elements that a mobile user carries out naturally.

It is from this ´natural´ habit that patterns and thought processes shift, and at rapid speed in this case. When your mobile is accessing information, your attention span is short and not always centered on the engagement. Being ready for any engagement is critical for a business, but for this one you have to be playing to mobile rules, and from what we can see many are not ready.

Stats will show a huge increase in access to information from mobile devices over the festive season; a spike sure, but our view extends to seeing a dramatic increase in transactions as well as interaction via mobile in 2012.

The Mobile site vs. App debate still rages and each has their merits depending on the business. Every business should be ready for their customers to mobile engage with them, no matter what industry; this is now a ´natural´ habit for all of us.

During 2012, we will be answering the challenges that mobile presents and helping our clients to be with their customers at every step of the journey. Now, more than ever, our One Brand World approach really does deliver from the zero moment to the last ten feet, wherever that may be when you are mobile.