2019 tech trends – Trend two – Technology for the greater good?

For the second instalment of our four-part series on 2019 tech trends, we explore how technology can be created with people in mind. Let’s look at trend two: tech for the greater good.


Tech to the rescue

The main uses of technology tend to be less emotional and more practical. After all, one of Silicon Valley’s mantras is: “Solve problems you have yourself”.

But most people in the tech business don’t experience the problems faced by the wider public – and that’s a real issue with tech innovation.

Brands with purpose are greatly valued by people (both consumers and professionals). Increasing brand affinity means better loyalty, better brand reputation and the ability to attract great talent and inspire passion within the existing workforce.


Did you know: 76% of millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work?1


So, what does this mean for marketers?

Find a purpose

Shifting the focus from business benefits to a wider purpose could ultimately become a company’s best and most powerful marketing tool. It’s a great time to make technology the main driving force behind a real purpose.


It’s electrifying

Entire industries are starting to move towards positions that are much more in keeping with the views of the general public. Take car brands: historically more associated with pollution, they’re now investing in an electric future, which will have a significant impact on the world’s carbon footprint.


Giving back

Look out for the new wave of tech startups aiming to fight poverty using smart technology. Fresh EBT, for example, helps US recipients of food stamps stretch them as far as possible, while Good Call connects arrested New Yorkers to a free lawyer.


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  1. Cone Communications Millennial Employee Engagement Study, 2016

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