A Charitable Movement

With gasps of delight, tears and a multitude of comments, the new John Lewis Christmas advert launched today. The really interesting thing is the brand choosing to promote its relationship with the charity Age UK.

This sort of partnership isn’t new in itself; many brands have established ties with charities, including Marks & Spencer and Oxfam. What is new is how these partnerships are becoming more evident within the top-level communications of brands.

Sainsbury’s choice to use its 2014 Christmas advert to promote The Royal British Legion created much debate on the ethics of taking this approach. What wasn’t widely known was that the brand had been working closely with the Legion for over 20 years – this just happened to be their first joint mass communication. And it worked, pulling in over £7m for the charity.

We’re sure the John Lewis advert will cause an equal amount of debate, but it appears that these partnerships are here to stay, and most importantly, they’re working.

Check out the John Lewis Advert, here



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