We’ve come a long way since the launch of BrocklebankPenn in May 2011 — we’ve grown with our clients, adding experiences and milestones, and it’s brought us to a very healthy place in the summer of 2013.

There comes a time, though, when it makes sense for an agency to take a really good look at itself in the mirror. How has what works for our clients changed and how have we adapted to ensure we deliver it? It’s essential that our brand speaks directly to who we are and what we do right here and right now.

When I joined BrocklebankPenn at the beginning of 2013 the first thing I noticed was the thoroughly energetic way in which we focused on discovering the core challenges for our clients and their customers. Yet our brand didn’t communicate this enough. I wanted our brand to talk about more than just our experience — it needed to speak to the way in which we, as a diverse group of people of all ages and backgrounds, develop creative solutions for our clients. We asked our clients and their customers to embrace the idea of authenticity, but I needed to know what the reality was for us — what was at the heart of BrocklebankPenn?

In that spirit I started a much needed brand refresh — an open and honest chance to look at what we actually do, and how we talk about that amongst ourselves and with our clients. Over the course of two months we poked and prodded ourselves, peered into our past and looked to our future. We talked at length to people inside and outside our agency to help us discover exactly what makes our approach so effective.



In the discovery process we turned the magnifying glass on ourselves, becoming the first test subject for the new brand proposition. Before you can find the truth in your clients’ brands, you need to first find your own unique truth. What we found became the foundation for our new proposition.

I’m proud to present to you the result — Finding True. A way of working with our clients and their brands which goes to the heart of what makes each of them unique. It enables us to help our clients to discover their own undeniable truths, and in turn develop the creative strategies from which we can create extraordinary moments for their customers.

No brand refresh is complete without sharing it, and for this we’ve designed an entirely new BrocklebankPenn website. Based around our core fundamentals of content, design and user experience, the new site showcases our brand refresh in full. It also showcases us as a company, showing how we work with our clients and also giving an interesting insight into our people and personality.

From my perspective it gives us an incredibly bold vision of where we want to go — a future-proof framework that threads through everything we say and do at BrocklebankPenn. The results are thought-provoking and challenging, and help us to enrich the way we work creatively and strategically with our clients. I’m happy to say that it speaks directly to who we are — right here, right now.

So have a look at Finding True and let me know what you think — if you like what you see then let’s chat some more about finding your truth.

Martin Cleave
Creative Director at BrocklebankPenn.

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