Battle of The Last 10 Feet…

I bet right now, in every boardroom, clients are talking about increasing sales, displacing market share from competitors, defending their position, squeezing every last drop of profit, maximising their investment and reducing costs.
They are reading about markets declining, currency in turmoil, debt not under control and the growing pressure on households and the spare cash they have to spend. Wouldn’t get great odds for that bet would I?

You see, every client has a battlefield – physical and virtual – where they have to carry out actions every second of every day and night. It’s a war for every single hard-earned £ or $ the consumer has in their pocket, and the war is played out across several battles, not just one.

In our industry, what do I read about? Breaking TV campaigns, inventive outdoor executions, storytelling in the press, and of course a plethora of social media and digital activity all designed to engage the consumer.

There are many research papers actioned every day to make sure that before a campaign is launched it is speaking in the right language, with the right message to attract that audience. Consumers are contacted before we engage with them.

The executions of the campaign can be of exceptional creativity, from simple words that work very hard to razor-sharp cleverness that evokes an emotion. All of this is delivered into carefully planned and researched media, working the space available to provide the best possible platform for the campaign to do its stuff.

This is what our industry does, and does very well. This is what our industry loves to talk about, and does very well.

You see, BrocklebankPenn is involved in everything I have mentioned above and is very, very good at it.

Don’t get me wrong, all the above is right. But, what I hardly ever read about is another battle; what we call the last 10 feet, the last two clicks.

Consumers being consumers do not tend to follow a very strict process of purchasing; they get involved in an emotion at that most critical moment. They listen to people, yes, before they even consider buying, but also at the very last minute.

They are also influenced by research, unknown advocates, friends, family, colleagues and of course the campaigns brand ensure are seen, read and heard in the right place at the right time.

However, when it comes down to that final walk through a shop door or click through a website, there is always choice – and very rarely just one choice. Choice causes pleasure, but also pain, which consumers deal with very differently. This is where a brand needs truly activating, to make sure that when the purchase is made it is your brand that benefits from consumers’ hard-earned £.

What are you doing to protect your brand at that final moment?

What are you doing to activate your brand at that final moment?

This particular battle in the war is at least as crucial as every other one that I have mentioned above. It is also what our Clients will be talking about; I bet that I wouldn’t get good odds on that either!

It doesn’t grab headlines, it’s not ‘sexy’ to talk about, it’s not the “Big Idea” but it IS the Last 10 Feet or 2 Clicks – it’s where your brand stands toe-to-toe with your competitor, it’s where the war is finally won.