bbp’s favourite Christmas 2017 ads

bbp is a creative agency, it’s what we do and we have a real passion for it. But we love to see others being creative too. Like you, we’re sometimes dazzled and inspired by the advertising world’s creativity, especially when it comes to Christmas campaigns. With that in mind, here are some of our top picks from this Xmas.

Unsung Hero: Hafod Hardware ‘Deliver Magic’

Kicking off the proceedings, this year’s unsung hero! Costing a mighty £7 to create, it’s a welcome reminder that budget isn’t everything. In our minds, the crudeness of the filming adds an authentic charm that’s missing from some of the multi-million pound productions below. A simple message about good old-fashioned hard work and going the extra mile to deliver magic makes this ad from Hafod Hardware a keeper.

M&S ‘Paddington and the Christmas Visitor’

We all love a Christmas ad with a bit of nostalgia, and M&S’ advert featuring Paddington doesn’t disappoint. A few of us in the office were lucky enough to have the Paddington books read to us growing up so this one got us reminiscing.

Heathrow ‘It’s a Wonderful Flight’

This year’s Heathrow Christmas ad is just as charming as the last. We’ve fallen in love with the bears. They have an adorable personality and make us smile every time we watch them. It’s heart-warming and happy – exactly what Christmas is meant to be.

Amazon ‘Give a Little Bit’

You might have thought Amazon would create an advert with a heavy focus on products. However, it’s thrown a curve ball and created a clever ad that animates its delivery boxes instead. The dramatisation of the distinctive Amazon ‘smile’ is smart, as it associates the brand with positivity.

Currys PC World ‘Get It Right’ 

Following last year’s side-splitting performance from Jeff Goldblum, we’re pleased Currys is keeping to comedy this Christmas. The ad plays on a common worry that goes through all our minds when buying presents: will the recipient like it? Currys reassures viewers that support is on hand in-store. Highlighting its one-to-one service is a smart strategy to differentiate itself from digital rivals like Amazon.

PayPal ‘Turkey Dash’

Turkey Dash is a great example of doing good in a light-hearted way, rather than being dramatic. It’s distinct from the other campaigns by having a clear purpose. It’s also a smart partnership – PayPal uses Channel 4 to amplify its campaign and reach a larger audience.

Dyson ‘Something Different to Ring this Christmas’

This short and sweet video stands out from our other favourites. Its minimal production, stripped back colour palette and playful use of products, make it a welcome addition to our Instagram feed.

Sainsbury’s ‘#everybitofChristmas’

In our eyes, not the most likeable Christmas ad on the list, but certainly one of the most memorable from this year’s crop. It just gets stuck in your head for hours. The retailer cleverly used Snapchat to increase campaign engagement by creating a branded filter that turned users into singing sprouts!

Coca Cola ‘Holidays Are Coming’ 

Call us Christmas ad traditionalists, but one of our favourites has to be Coca Cola’s ‘Holidays are coming’ spot. Using the same ad each year is not only bold but clever; evoking feelings of Christmas itself. Each time you watch, it brings up warm, fuzzy sentiments of the comfort and familiarity of your last Noel. For us – and for many of you I’m sure, this advert has become a seasonal marker – it’s not Christmas time until I’ve seen the Coca Cola ad! Powerful stuff.

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