Why brand promises are vital and how to keep them

Brand promises

Nothing stings worse than disappointment. Going in with low expectations? Whatever happens, happens. But when you expect one thing and receive another – that hurts.

Brand promises are what manage customer expectations, and everything that makes up your brand communicates what it is. It can speak to price, quality, taste, longevity, sustainability, and lots more.

Keeping to your brand promises is just business as usual but breaking one by betraying expectations causes a serious breach in trust. So how can you avoid doing it?

1. Once you settle on your brand promise, consistency is key.

Even if your brand or messaging refreshes, your central brand promise should not alter significantly. Luxury brands can’t pivot to budget ones on short notice.

2. Your people need to understand your promise.

Your brand promise needs to be understood internally if you want it to be successfully communicated externally – that means training and creating assets to explain it.

3. Always ask for customer feedback.

 Nobody knows better how your brand promise comes across than your customers. So, you should always ask them – what lands? What doesn’t?

If you’re looking to define your brand promise, or protect it through a brand refresh, at bbp we can help you stay on top of things. Pinkie promise. Contact us today.

Featured image by Andrew Petrov on Unsplash.

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