Brands Celebrate Back to the Future Day

Although self-lacing trainers, flying cars, rehydrated pizza and, thankfully, wearing two ties haven’t materialised from the predictions of what it would be like in 2015 according to Back to the Future Part 2, many brands have taken advantage of this historic day in the pop culture calendar.

Some brands optimised social with playful references: the Churchill Dog riding a hover board; the Department of Work and Pensions playing on the DeLorean’s number plate “OUTATIME”; several airlines quoted “Roads? Don’t need those where we’re going”.

Other brands that were in the film went that little bit further: Universal produced a mock trailer for the film Jaws 19, and Pepsi made an advert for its futuristic soft drink “Pepsi Perfect”.

These references start a conversation and get people talking about the brands in a fun and engaging way. And with hover boards now a reality (albeit not commercial), it begs the question, what will the next 30 years bring?




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