Lunchspiration Session 4: Brands with Purpose

At bbp, we hold ‘Lunchspiration Sessions’ where we get together to talk about topics of interest over a sandwich or two.

And now, we’d love to share these thoughts with you! So grab a sandwich, sit back and have a nibble on our bite-sized insights about brands with purpose.

Given our current political environment, for this lunchspiration we looked at how brands with purpose can actively contribute to bringing about positive change across three key areas.

  1. Understand business impact

The impact businesses have on the environment, economy and society is well known by consumers and the industry alike. While the effects have been ignored for decades, the digital era facilitates transparency – uncovering questionable business practices that have been hidden until now. Such scandals can cause huge damage to a brand, just think about Volkswagen, Findus or Tesco.

  1. Value importance of growing consciousness

Pressure to change is increasingly coming from people within businesses, in particular younger employees who are conscious of and vocal about CSR issues. They want to be a force for good and don’t want a professional carbon footprint. ‘Doing well by doing good’ best describes the aspirations and ethos of these professionals as they strive to help social and commercial enterprise come together in a natural and unforced way.

  1. Stop dictating consumption

Brands have the power to influence society’s perceptions and behaviours. For a long time we’ve been surrounded by unrealistic role models but thanks to social media, people have the ability to a respond and engage in a personal and timely way. Businesses can consider and measure their impact on communities, and instead of dictating consumption, can help people feel empowered and listened to.

Brands driven by a purpose hold great power. They build communities, they create an internal sense of pride, give a voice to the unheard and retain customers as they drive loyalty.

Purpose is good for business, and good for the world.

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