Data creators

It wasn’t long ago that the mere mention of data analytics in a client briefing would have creative types running for the door. Data was seen as dry. Something that could, at best, fulfil the rational reasons to believe behind a client’s business.

Not any more. Today it’s clear that data, and the companies behind it, are finding new and ever more creative ways to bring their offerings to life.

Take IBM’s ‘Smarter Cities’ campaign. This is a great example of taking something as potentially uninteresting as city data analytics and communicating it in a way that captures the imagination of people on the street.

What can we learn from campaigns like this? Really, it’s about dramatising the benefits that the data and the technology enable and not getting too caught up in the detail of the data itself.

We must move away from telling people how great data is, and instead, show people how powerful and relevant data can be in their lives.

This approach was used to great effect in the data-driven ‘The Next Rembrandt’ campaign for ING. The idea gained massive online coverage and scooped some major awards too.

Some of the most exciting developments are taking place with brand mashups, such as the Google and H&M co-created app that uses your smartphone data to make you a custom dress.

This sharing of expertise, and data, can be where the real future value will lie for businesses. Not to mention the many exciting creative opportunities it opens up for building brands.

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