Does video add value?


We’ve previously discussed the growing use of video in marketing, but, like us, even since we last discussed it you’ve probably seen a surge in branded video content. The question that many marketers have been asking is, does video add value? The answer everyone is coming to is; yes. And quite a lot it seems.

Since the world started moving online, there’s always been the latest, greatest, fad, although many of those have been a bandwagon to jump on rather than a genuine new vehicle. Remember the period when everyone had to have a blog, but then never updated or maintained it in any way? That’s exactly the kind of thing we’re talking about.

Video content seems to be one of the rare exceptions. In fact, it’s increasingly looking like the goose that laid the golden egg.

Given how we’ve been taking our clients into the world of video, it’s gratifying to see more and more analysis demonstrating why this is a good move. Video is proven to be six times more effective than print and online (via Atlas1) and fifty three times more likely to get you front-page SEO on Google (via Cisco2). The 2013 video marketing trends report found that 93% of marketing professionals used online video in their strategies this year (via Econsultancy3). In fact, users visiting sites with video have an average dwell time of two minutes more (via MarketingSherpa4). A win, win, win situation.

Now that 40% of web browsing is done on mobile devices, and people have the bandwidth to watch video content on the move, it’s also interesting to note that two in every five videos viewed on tablets are longer than ten minutes, which reflects the benefits of ‘comfort viewing’ – being able to sit back and take in something in depth. So it makes sense to create a video with a proper story arc, rather than a hard-hitting, fast-selling sound bite. You’re more likely to create a stronger emotional pull from the viewer if you’re providing content that gives them real value and a chance to engage.

Of course, given the great stats around the sharing of video content – 1,200% more shares than links and text combined (via Simply Measured5) and the fact that five tweets per second contain a Vine link (via Econsultancy6) – there’s always the potential for your video content to take on a life outside your own space and spread your word under its own steam. And who wouldn’t like that? But to co-opt the former Lottery slogan, you’ve got to be in it to win it; if you’re not making video at all, this isn’t going to happen.

The great thing about video as a medium is that you can deliver it in countless different ways creatively – whatever suits your purpose, but the benefits will still apply: the videos we created to launch Logitech’s new G602 Gaming Mouse and the Tech21 Impact Shield are creatively worlds apart, but in the final analysis, they both tick all the boxes that make video a content channel worth investing in.

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