How to fuse effectiveness and creativity

Effectiveness versus creativity

If an effective campaign hits immediate sales targets, a creative one offers longer-term benefits through improved brand positioning and perception – a bit like instant versus delayed gratification.

It’s normal to want the best of both worlds, but understandably, when the chips are down people tend to choose effectiveness over creativity.

But you shouldn’t sleep on the ‘effectiveness’ of creativity:

“An ad’s creativity combined with its ability to position a brand as meaningful and different are proven to predict long-term equity gains.

Between 2014-2020 brands with a high advertising appeal grew brand value by 94%, but those perceived as meaningfully different grew by 177%.”1

To court creativity, you need to consider novel channels for your marketing output, ways you can surprise your audience, and how you can break away from common tropes and trends that marketing in your field falls into.

One classic method involves working angles where product or the ‘sale’ takes a backseat to generating curiosity, highlighting customer or internal stories, and leading prospects on a more indirect journey.

Specifically, hitting a meaningful note means incorporating more narrative and emotional elements to your marketing, playing it less safe, and intentionally diverging from your competitors strategically.

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Featured image by Steve Johnson on Unsplash.

1 Source: Kantar, 2021

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