Growing, Baking and Bowling

Some businesses plan on a quiet August, as clients and staff head off on holiday, towns empty, and that general sense of ‘get things going again in the Autumn’ holds sway.
Not so for us.

BrocklebankPenn’s August 2011 has plenty going on, and we thought we’d share a few items:

The team is growing all the time. We’ve recently added two new Account Executives in Nicky and Lianne, who will be working with Account Managers Orla and Carey respectively and helping keep everything running smoothly on the Client Services front.

We’ve also just welcomed our second Andrew to the studio in the form of Andy B, our new Creative Artworker, who joins us from an agency based down Chelsea way and brings a wealth of experience with him.

We’re still recruiting several positions, including Senior Designer and Front-End Developer, so the addition of new faces will continue.

All these new team members arrive in the middle of this year’s bake-off. Everyone will be baking for the team, who then score their fare. The winner will receive an amazing prize. We’re not sure what that is yet, but we’re sure it’ll be great. So far this year we’ve had a Victoria sponge, a pecan pie, chocolate brownies, and a chocolate orange cake. Craig is promising baked potatoes, which has obviously got everyone very excited…

And at the end of the month we’re off to the inaugural BrocklebankPenn bowling night. The competitive instinct is fairly pronounced in certain members of the team, so it’s entirely possible that the friendly rivalries may end up less friendly by the end of the evening. We’re not quite predicting a bloodbath, but things may get a little tense.

And of course while all this is going on, we’ve also been winning new business (more on that soon) and, among our current clients, working on a new product launch for one, creating a promotional video for another’s new product, and generally keeping all the plates spinning as usual.

If this is a quiet month…