IFA BerlinOr in “Manufacturers Speak” – IFA-BN092011(M)

I thought about how best to tackle this short report.
As an agency?
As an avid fan of tech?
No, the best way is to be a customer.

First things first, I am a customer. Yes, our agency has extensive experience in this arena and currently works with several brands, but at the end of the day I am a customer who will spend my money on buying these products.

Let’s make it clear, from a brands point of view, you are there to impress everyone – the journalists, your retailer partners, your competitors, your employees (current and potential), and of course your customers.

Was I impressed? Yes. You see, there were some amazing products demonstrating the latest directions in technology; some opening up new possibilities and some stretching already established markets.

However, there is a problem right from the off in the way these are introduced and explained to their audience. It starts with the model numbers and carries right the way through their communications.

I’m not talking about the press gatherings or retail presentations, I’m talking about the general public – you know, the people that actually buy the amazing new kit the brands are trying to sell.

Let me demonstrate on some stand-out technology – the 4K2K Sony and JVC projectors, Sharp’s 8K4K Megascreen, Sony’s HMZ-T1 Personal 3D viewer, and LG’s 55LW908T Nano LED Dual Play 3D TV to name but a few.

You see, this stand-out technology, which, unless you are an avid follower of the brands would really mean very little, should be what switches you, the customer, on to the brand.

But it doesn’t, it’s confusing, it’s meaningless numbers. It’s jargon and tech talk. How is the customer supposed to understand it? To switch the customer on, they have to understand it.

The Sony, JVC and Sharp products I mention boast the most amazingly clear pictures, with definition and clarity that truly produce a WOW. Sony’s product allows wraparound 3D immersion, truly ‘getting into’ what you are watching.

Meanwhile, LG’s screen gets rid of all that split-screen pain when you’re playing multiplayer games – one screen allows two people to play the game with both seeing just their car/hero on the full screen.

Genius, all of them…and I get it. All it takes is translating R&D talk and just being clear with the info.

It’s something everyone wants in this day and age – what is it you’re telling me exactly, as I do not have time to spend ages trying to figure it out. What is it you want me to remember about your brand? A model number? Some other numbers? Or just the thought that you are top of the pile when it comes to the next time I’m looking to buy?

I was once delivered a line – Technically Perfect. Perfectly Simple

At IFA Berlin, the brands delivered technical brilliance, but what the customer needs is a simple explanation.