Is This Really The Future?

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Let’s face it. We would find it hard to live without technology.

One thing that is becoming increasingly popular is how it is used to enhance a brand and the experience associated to it. Technology is connecting consumers to brands in ways we never imagined.  Augmented or virtual reality has taken it to the next level with the ability to provide full 365-degree immersion. This advanced development stimulates consumers visually and auditorily, and with such high levels of engagement, we are more likely to remember the experience and have a positive connection to the brand, which is invaluable.

Models such as Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Rift and Samsung VR may not be ready to be purchased by consumers but there is no doubt in the coming years, virtual reality gadgets will be readily available to be used in the comfort of our own homes for gaming, to watch films, and anything else that will basically make our lives easier or more entertaining.

This has already changed the landscape of how we are able to experience the world around us and will continue to do so. And if you ever have a chance to try one of the devices, make sure you have plenty of space around you!