Leading with the Experience

Swiss hospitality management school Glion recently hosted a debate entitled ‘Inside the Future of Luxury’. Attended by a select group of industry leaders and Glion students, the day resulted in many interesting insights, including a unanimous agreement that luxury brands must offer more than product or service alone.

Nowadays, luxury is more accessible than ever, but this comes with its own challenges, especially when addressing high-net-worth individuals (HNWI). Not wanting to be bundled with the mass-market luxury consumer, HNWIs value exclusivity, bespoke ‘hyper-luxe-goods’ and personaliQ_liftstyle_L_onWhite1sed experiences.

Luxury Lifestyle Management & Concierge Service Quintessentially specialises in catering to HNWIs. Talking at the debate, Lindsay Davis, Global Director of Partner Office Relations, highlighted the importance of technology for her company and how it allows it to offer something different. Through access to big data, Quintessentially provides its clients with bespoke experiences matched to their interests on a daily basis.

Quintessentially steers me towards the latest openings or finds a last-minute table at a new hot spot. The team knows me very well and will always find something great for me.”

Dedicated Member, since 2009

Through a clever use of big data, this information allows brands to anticipate customer needs and cater to their desires. In turn, it ensures customer satisfaction, advocacy and loyalty in an increasingly crowded luxury marketplace.

To find out more, click here to watch ‘Inside the Future of Luxury’, presented by Glion.

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