Logitech Harmony Link – The Smartest Remote in the House

Giving consumers the content they are crying out for in a format they want to use is imperative for all our brands. Increasingly, one of the ways we’re doing this for our clients is through video, such as the piece we have just produced to launch Logitech’s new Harmony Link product, which is designed to give the maximum information to prospective buyers as is possible, in the easiest to digest format.

With the explosion of tablet accessories onto the market, it is vital that we position clients such as Logitech at the forefront of this technological battlefield while also getting across the simplicity and ease of use of their devices.

One of the things we talk to our clients about is the Zero Moment of Truth, which we’ve blogged about before. It’s that moment when they first hear about a product and immediately start researching it online. Getting content like this video out there to help them understand the product’s benefits and make it look like a good fit for their needs is part of that crucial process, and we’re working with all our clients to make sure that they’re covering that essential stage.

In the case of a product designed to bring multiple technologies together and make life easier, what better way than a sleek lifestyle video that conveys the product benefits in one minute. Receiving over 50,000 views in its first 4 days showed that we hit the mark on this, and more importantly, that the audience really is out there looking for supporting material around the products they’re thinking about buying.