Lunchspiration Session 2: Tuning into the right channels

At bbp, we hold Lunchspiration sessions where we share our knowledge with each other over a sandwich or two. And we love sharing our thoughts with the wider world too.

So grab a sandwich, sit back and have a nibble on our bite-sized insights about tuning your brand into the right channels.

Lunchspiration Digest – Tuning Into the Right Channels

It seems there’s not a week that goes by without a new media channel launching – each one offering us innovative ways to reach, excite and engage with consumers.

So how can we keep up with this fast-paced change?

The following is our three-step guide to staying ahead and making best use of new platforms and technologies.


  1. Prepare to embrace change

If there’s one thing we can know for sure about new channels, it’s that we’ll never know what the next ‘big thing’ will be. What we can do is prepare ourselves for this ever-changing world. So, plan, plan and plan again.

By having sound long-range planning and a strategy for your brand, you’ll always have a safe place to start from. It will help you to identify what platforms are going to be relevant to your brand story and your customers.


  1. It’s still all about the idea

Media channels and technology are not ideas in themselves but they do give a great new space for our ideas to evolve. By ensuring that you always start with the idea and not the platform, you’ll be ready to respond when the latest platform appears – bringing your ideas to life in engaging new ways for your customers.


  1. Consider combining strengths

There is no reason why companies shouldn’t combine forces to make the best use of innovative channels. Combining your strengths and pooling your knowledge with other brands can enable both parties to push the boundaries of what these channels can do.

This knowledge share can create something really unique. Here are two great examples:

The Social Swipe

Everyone knows it’s hard to get people to give money to charity. Everyone is always in a rush or too busy. The social swipe is a great example of making ‘giving money’ an experience.

Drinkable Coca-Cola advertising

Coca-Cola worked with Shazam to create a drinkable advertising campaign across adverts, print and radio. Using the technology of Shazam, this allowed Coca-Cola to push new boundaries and interact with its audiences in a way no other brand has done before.

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