Of cakes and client services


If we’re heading towards the end of the year then we must have completed another BrocklebankPenn Bake-Off.

This year’s Bake-Off (the third annual event), saw sticky gingerbread, carrot cake, two different cheesecakes, and a torte or two among others delivered nervously to the waiting masses.  After a close-fought battle, honours this year went to the very last competitor, Sami, with her amazing fruit & cream cake.  The photo is of my slice.

In other internal news, we’ve recently been expanding the team, including two new starters in Client Services; Beatrix Gessner has joined us as an Account Manager.  Recently returned from a period working in San Francisco, Beatrix previously worked for JWT in her native Austria, and adds to the growing international flavour of the BrocklebankPenn team.

Just after Beatrix arrived she was joined by Joanna Hannam as our new Account Director – with many years in the business, most recently working on the Infiniti team at TMW, Joanna’s now heading up our Client Services team and building on the processes and foundations we’ve been laying down since we launched last year to ensure we’re working as effectively as possible as we keep on growing.

And look – there’s a Christmas party looming for them to embarrass themselves royally get to know us all better.