D&AD President’s Lecture: Brands for the Planet with Greenpeace

In today’s society, there’s increasing responsibility for brands to behave well and do good. However, the rise of social media has not just increased customer scrutiny and the need for transparency, it’s also increased brands’ power to influence and affect culture change.

How brands can be encouraged to use this influence positively was discussed in last week’s D&AD President’s Lecture, with Greenpeace taking centre stage.

Greenpeace encourages change through action and unlocking people-power through creativity. The organisation advocates big change – “transformation over tweaks” – even when restricted by a limited budget and resources.

However, transformation needs to start somewhere. We as advertisers can encourage our clients to act on good values and generate a positive impact to spearhead transformation. Brands can facilitate this change, which might be a tweak to start with but becomes a step towards something greater.

It’s more than having a generic CSR paragraph on your website; it’s about being consciously aligned with trusted partners, worthy causes and authentic engagement with the customer.

Given the available platforms to have conversations with people who want to care and are asking for reasons to believe, opportunities are endless for brands to take ownership and be the best they can be. And remember, ultimately, good values equal good business.

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