Providing Service to Servis

We’re always pleased to bring new clients into the fold, and recently we’ve had a lot to be happy about.  We’ll be talking about the new accounts we’re winning as we can, based on the projects and any commercial sensitivity of course.

So to begin with, we’re very happy to announce our new engagement by Vestel to relaunch their recently-acquired brand, Servis. The old-timers here in the office (like me) remember the brand of old, so it’s cool to be able to give it a whole new lease of life.

We’re working closely with the team at Vestel to rebuild the brand from the ground up and give it a major launch to introduce it to a whole new audience as well as reinvigorate it for those who remember it of old.

There’s already been a fair bit of press around the launch and our involvement in it, but to get all the details you can download the press release here.