Seduced by a pirate

You rarely buy just a product. You buy a brand. That is, you buy into the unique way in which the product helps you solve your problem.

When it comes to knitwear, you’d think it was tough to create any fresh brand distinction. But, as we found when doing our Christmas shopping, the people behind the new British label ‘Old Harry’ are doing a lot of things right.

According to the website, Harry himself was a famous British adventurer and pirate of the high seas. It is said he used to hide his treasures in the caves on the Dorset coast.

The site, the visuals and the product unpacking experience help tell Harry’s story, and give the brand a degree of depth and authenticity. The products come beautifully wrapped in paper that’s been printed with images lifted right out of an old story book, much heightened by the bold use of contemporary colour.

The brand says “We are believers in doing one thing and doing it right”, which in Harry’s case probably meant looting and marauding, but today only refers to making great knitted cotton sweaters and nothing else thankfully.

The imagery and design tickle your imagination. The Dorset landscape that inspired the Old Harry sweaters is imbued with a sense of enchantment and mystery that comes from historical distance. The brand gets its story across in a way that connects and engages, making you feel you got something more than just a sweater.

To view the Old Harry website click here .




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