Helping your startup start right – Part II

Startup hacks – Part II

Welcome back for the second instalment of our startup basics blog. Now, if you haven’t had a chance to read the first chapter, stop what you’re doing and click here.

Last time around we covered off naming, brand storytelling, elevator pitching and more. This time we’ll be digging into your logo, taking it slow and keeping an eye on the competition.

So, without further ado, let’s pick up where we left off…

Don’t go logo loco

A good logo is important – just don’t over-obsess about it. It’s easy to spin the wheels for months on this and many agencies will be more than happy to take your money. But much like names, some of the best logos that have stood the test of time would probably be slated if released today. What you need is something simple and scalable, so that it works across every channel.

Be clear, not whacky

Startups are often launching new products into a new market – these need explaining. Some agencies will tempt you to be irreverent and whacky to get attention, we say be clear and tell people who you are and why you can make a difference to them.

No one likes cheese and pickle, and salt and vinegar, and BBQ crisps

When defining your brand, you need to be single-minded and objective. If you try and take on board everyone’s feedback and preferences you’ll actually end up with something that no one wants or likes.

You don’t need a Ferrari to go to the shops

When creating your brand, it’s important to consider all the touchpoints. However, one of the big mistakes startups make can be to try to create and perfect all elements possible before going live.

Agencies may not have your best interests at heart when it comes to this, encouraging you to create expensive videos and promotional tools. Our advice is to only create the things you need to help you reach the next stage of your journey.

Picture your brand as the parts of a rocket

We’re big advocates of building your brand in stages. Ask yourself: What do I really need to reach my first round of funding? Then do this, and only this. Then start on round two, get to the next stage and so it goes on.

Instinct beats introspection

We’ve often presented ideas to startups that they instinctively love, and then overanalyse before getting cold feet. In this fast-moving world, it pays to trust your gut, and if it feels right on first reading, it probably is.

Would it scare you if your rivals did it?

A great litmus test for whether your brand and communications are going in the right direction is to flip the perspective and think would it scare you if your competitor was to do it? If the answer is no – chances are you need to try harder.

If the blogs in this series have taught you anything, it’s probably that there’s a vast number of things to consider when creating, launching and promoting your startup. We wouldn’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed.

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