The Launch Event

As part of the launch of BrocklebankPenn we held an event for existing clients, some old friends, and some special guests at The Sanderson Hotel in London. Under the impressive display of stained glass in their Billiard Room, we invited people to meet, mingle and share in the creation of our new venture.

Though we hope everyone had a good time, we definitely wanted to make the event about the journey we’re embarking on, rather than just a party. So to mark the occasion we had everyone present sign their name to a huge framed version of the BrocklebankPenn logo, to become a focal point for the office, and Pete and Craig (or Frodo and Sam as they will now be known) said a few words. Those words were not recorded for posterity, which is probably just as well, since in the excitement of the moment someone got the name of one of his partners wrong…