The rise and rise of video

Video is quickly becoming a solution for brands across a number of key areas, from product demonstrations, case studies and promotions – to name just three. However, with all of these the same key rule applies: we need to engage the viewer fast and hold their interest.

The days of simple 360 spin tours for a product are dead. Viewers expect so much more now and brands need to look at focusing on a product’s beauty, features, specification, and even customer interaction. In planning the video production, it is imperative that clear planning and strategy is used to review the business objective, develop the direction and then produce the creative solution that will fit.

Done incorrectly, by an agency of frustrated movie producers, it can be a costly waste of valuable budget, but when done correctly by BrocklebankPenn – with clear planning, strategy and ROI – it will be a winner!

With accurate use, video can vastly improve brand results, both when customers are first looking and researching before purchase, and in that last ten feet when they buy.

With proper optimisation, video increases the chance of front page Google results by a multiple of 53 (Forrester).