Unsung Heroes: Hospital Moinhos de Vento

This month’s edition of Unsung Hero looks at the recent campaign work of Brazil’s McCann Health. It’s a strong, clever – and very simple – concept for a campaign that aims to help Hospital Moinhos de Vento drive organ donation rates up. It’s done by asking basic questions: Who will inherit your greatest wealth, and what do you truly have that is most precious?

The true meaning is conveyed through a series of images of organs, cleverly constructed of high value materials, including gold, diamonds and marble. The effect is achieved by creating Fabergé eggs-style priceless treasures that draw a bridge between monetary and physical wealth. They perfectly set a slightly playful undertone, which works to challenge the audience’s perspective. The Fabergé eggs are further enhanced with intricate detailing, to both illustrate the delicacy and preciousness of the organs, and allude to their monetary value. Finally, a velvet backdrop and dramatic lighting contrast with the playful undertone and introduces an element of seriousness, striking the perfect emotional balance.

Credit goes to McCann for being bold enough to create a memorable, non-traditional campaign and doing so with such an effective piece of communication.

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