Unsung Heroes: Karma Cola

Did you know that Coca-Cola is actually named after a nut? Yes, that’s right, there is such thing as a Kola NUT. Give it a Google.

Now isn’t it odd that we didn’t know that, given that it’s hard to go a day without seeing some reference to the notorious red and white logoed drinks giant?

That’s where Karma Cola comes in.

Good by name and by nature, this emerging brand was built as a way to give back to those who work very, very hard to grow those Kola nuts, and to build awareness of where the world’s favourite fizzy drink really comes from. The more cans Karma Cola sells, the more the growers benefit.

Karma Cola uses detailed and bold stencil-like design to adorn its cans with as much passion on the outside as there is on the inside. Organic and free of any nasties, the wholesome brand is characterised through the flying water spirit Mami Watas (an African deity) and prancing ‘Zebricorns’ (part zebra, part unicorn of course), giving the surface of the tiny can high levels of movement and energy.

While flexing its Fairtrade muscles and showing off its good looks, the branding is also witty with words. Karma Cola cleverly draws upon the hashtag #drinknoevil, as a modern pun on the famous ancient proverb: “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.

Here at bbp we are lovers of all things bold, brave and powerful. And indeed, this tiny can packs a real ethical punch on a global scale. It’s credit to the strength of the Karma Cola brand, that since 2010, the foundation has been growing year on year and is able to hold its own against more established drinks giants.

A true David and Goliath tale of the drinks world, watch out for Karma Cola at a restaurant or store near you. And you really should give it a taste; after all, what goes around comes around…

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