Unsung Heroes: Max Lanman

February’s Unsung Hero just proves you can sell pretty much anything with a bit of creativity. Granted it helps that the boyfriend was a writer and director, but regardless, we love how inventive this couple were to try and sell their rusty 1996 Honda Accord. The ‘used car commercial’, as they call it, combines all the right ingredients for a great ad; a love story, beautiful shots with a relatable female and just enough humour and sarcasm to perk up your day. And it did just that for a number of people. The video amassed 4 million views and bids for the car reached a staggering $150,000, before it was pulled down by eBay thinking it was a fraudulent auction. It just shows, when budgets are tight and the product is less than ideal, take it as a challenge and use creativity to find a solution.

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