Unsung Heroes: Snask

At bbp, we love working with start-ups, particularly in the FinTech arena. This month’s Unsung Hero is Snask, a Swedish design agency that has created an exciting new identity for the digital banking start-up Holvi.

Holvi cleverly combines everything from banking to invoicing in one simple service. It’s aimed at creatives who typically recoil at the word ‘finance’ and we feel the campaign look and feel does a fantastic job of communicating its offering in a way that the audience can instantly relate.

The handicraft style, along with its vivid yet friendly colours, feels contemporary and the quirky stop frame videos complement Holvi’s message by highlighting the effortlessness of their service. The result is that everything comes together to say to prospective customers ‘don’t worry, we get you’.

With the likes of Monzo, and now Holvi stepping up, we’re entering a new age of younger, cooler banking brands striving to appeal to a new audience with a much bolder visual language than the more established banks.

So bravo Snask and bravo Holvi for being brave enough to stand out from the crowd and do something different.

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