Unsung Heroes: Sustainable Fashion

In fashion, just about every colour has its season – except one, it seems.

Because as the second highest polluting industry on earth (oil is number one, if you were wondering), the multi-coloured world of fashion just isn’t very green.

Thankfully, the significant impact this has had on the environment has led to the growth in sustainable fashion over the last two years, with 2018 set to be a key year for the movement to progress even further into mainstream fashion.

‘Fashion Revolution’ are at the forefront of the trend, as a result of industry insiders joining forces to promote sustainable fashion. Their social campaigns encourage reusing and repairing clothes to extend their life, with taglines like ‘Clothes worth wearing are worth repairing’.

This social content is produced alongside their #lovedclotheslast fanzine and aims to inspire readers to ‘buy less, care more’ by, for example, teaching them how to repair their clothes.

Like Fashion Revolution, sustainable fashion brands such as Patagonia and Noah NYC are pushing the same message in their campaigns by creating video content, infographics and blogs breaking down the price and impact their clothes have on the environment – helping consumers think twice before purchasing their clothes. They even provide repair services to help clothes last longer.

And a good sign for the industry, even large high street brands like H&M and Zara are jumping on board, committing to the trend, with initiatives like in-store recycling to tackle mass consumption and a throwaway culture.

Sustainable fashion is rapidly growing and the larger the trend becomes, the more benefits it will provide – not just to the environment, but for us too. So look out for more from these brands and many more moving towards a sustainable future!

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