Zero to Ten. Right here, right now.

Instant gratification, that’s what today’s consumer expects.
Brands have to match that to win – and for that to happen we believe in what we call Zero to Ten. Let me explain.

Purchases today do not have to take weeks; they can now take just a couple of hours (or less) and still be a considered purchase: research done, claims validated, opinions digested and best value checked all via their smart device, laptop or tabletop.

I have seen it in action a lot over the last few months, but one stands out quite clearly in my mind.

During a catch up at a friend’s house he started talking about needing a new big screen, as his current one was old; well, old by today’s standard. He had been looking around for the last couple of weekends online to see what was out there and wanted to share it with me. I was expecting him to type in a few websites and show me some of the products and reviews online while expressing or quoting opinions on the brand (manufacturer and retailer) as well as the product. Play some videos, check out some social space, forums and blogs. Ask some questions directly to the brands (manufacturer and retailer) and reach out for help and hope for simplicity in response.

That he did, it’s what most of us do now.

He now had opinions on brands (manufacturers and retailers).
Those that were there when he went looking.
Those that were easy to navigate, helpful, relevant and engaging.
Those that were entertaining and made an effort.
Those that had an opinion.
Those that had good things being said about them, not just by them.

But he also did a lot more.

You see, he had pushed the question out on Twitter and Facebook to ask for friends and friends of friends for their opinions/experiences/recommendations. On Facebook he had set up an event that had garnered incredible response and debates. He even ran a poll in which 43 of his friends voted and commented on.

On Twitter he set up a feed which he said was slow at first but as soon as a couple of his friends commented and shared links it ignited a debate that raged for 4 days.

Often friends garnered support from their friends or introduced recognized experts into the conversation either for reference or for advice. The input of the brands (manufacturer and retailer) at this stage would not have been welcome, nor should they have tried.

This was a personal group helping a friend to invest his money in the best possible brand/product and receive the optimum service experience possible. It was simple, easy and quick for him to carry out. He also believed his network, it was their own views that either supported or negated the actual brands messaging.

So, he now has some clear recommendations cut down to two manufacturers and three retailers.
He asked my view and then started to look at the manufacturers and retailers, made a decision after reviewing them again and then made his mind up.
Did he buy the brand most recommended by his friends? Yes
Did he buy the most engaging brand during this final stage? Yes. It also happened to be one of the most relevant brands at the very beginning; that zero moment. It also happened to be a brand his friends said good things about.

You see the Zero point was when he decided to start looking. He reached out in the simplest of terms and if you are not there being relevant and engaging you have missed the main opinion forming part of the process.

Then we have the last Ten feet when the decision is made about what and where to buy. You have to be active, do not leave them alone, make sure you influence by helping at the very last moment. Leave that alone and you run a high risk of missing the purchase.

So, we always consider Zero to Ten. We always act from Zero to Ten, why? Because the consumer always take the path from Zero to Ten.