Tech 21

Creating a brand story with real impact

Tech21’s smartphone cases contain materials with unique protective qualities, offering superior protection.

It was easy to demo face-to-face but hard to explain succinctly to people. We needed to create a story that was simple and memorable.

We distilled the entire brand offering down to one memorable word, ‘IMPACTOLOGY’.

Impactology gave Tech21 an idea to champion and a simple story that instantly communicated the benefits of its products.

Most importantly, it gave Tech21 an unassailable space in the market.

Impactology not only gave the brand a way of talking about its products, it gave it a conversation to own.

From Impactology experiments that tested the protection of Tech21’s products, through to an online Impactopedia that celebrated all things impact-related, Impactology was a vehicle for content generation.


Impactology awareness:


with US mobile device case purchasers*

Business growth:

£1.1m in 2011
£67.1m in 2016



on the Times Fast Tech 100 in 2014