Introducing a smarter way to
protect your whole home


Cocoon offers a smarter way to protect your whole home with just one device.

We’ve been with Cocoon from day one, helping it to define and execute a brand and business strategy to launch its products and build consumer awareness.


Traditionally, the home security market has sold solutions based on fear. We wanted to position Cocoon away from this world of multiple cameras, fiddly sensors and bars on windows.

By positioning the brand as an ‘enabler of peace of mind at home’, we’ve given Cocoon a unique space within its market. A space where people can feel empowered rather than afraid.


We’re helping Cocoon to establish and connect the brand to new customers through our creative platform: ‘Cocoon your world’.

This platform provides a reassuring wrapper for people to find out about and adopt this new device into their lives and homes.

Our mantra for explaining the benefits of Cocoon has been to keep it simple. We’ve helped refine its patented Subsound™ technology into a story that can be instantly understood by its audience.


It’s still early days for Cocoon, but since the brand launch:


has been raised via

The company has
been valued at


“bbp helped to define our brand strategy and have been instrumental in the successful launch of our first product. Highly skilled, creative and proactive, working with them is incredibly easy. We don’t see bbp as another marketing agency, they’re part of our team.”

Colin Richardson
Founder, Cocoon

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