Giving disruptors the speed
and quality they crave


DueDil was named by Wired magazine as one of Europe’s hottest startups. Their platform elevates company information and risk assessment to a new level of intelligence.

Our challenge was to create a brand story that would appeal to the mindset of transformers and disruptors within the UK’s most cutting-edge businesses.


We spent time with DueDil’s leadership team to craft a lean brand canvas that would really deliver to the needs of the target audience.

Our strategic direction centred around the ideas of velocity and quality. The velocity was about delivering insights at the pace transformers and disruptors need, the quality about ensuring they can act with conviction on their instincts.


‘Know now. Grow now.’ our creative platform, communicated both the quality of connected insights that DueDil serves up, as well as the immediacy with which businesses can make decisions based on those insights.

This idea drove the narrative for the different business verticals of banking, insurance and FinTech and inspired a new look and feel for the brand.


The new brand story was rolled out with a revamp of the website and messaging.

We are now working to implement the brand across all brand communications.

“We won a free brand audit last year with BBP and it honestly changed the way I thought about DueDil’s brand and how we should communicate. If revisiting your brand and communication strategy is in your plans for next year, the one thing you should do now is apply for this audit. It’s a lovely Christmas gift.”

Carolyn Branco
VP Marketing DueDil

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