ICS London

Making education personal for
a leading international school


ICS London is an International Baccalaureate school, boasting over 40 years of experience and ranking in the top 20% of UK schools. So, why did it need our help?

In a word, differentiation. ICS London looked to us to build on its brand by developing a concise, captivating value proposition, USPs and values that would set it apart in a busy market.


Our journey began with an immersion session, which covered the brand’s current positioning, audience and competition, as well as the wider industry.

Following on from this, we conducted extensive desk research, interviews and a quantitative survey that was sent to current and prospective parents – all of which were used to validate our strategic recommendations.


Most parents who responded to our survey identified personalised learning as ICS London’s key differentiator. So, we recommended the school made personalised experiences central to how it communicated its uniqueness.

This brought us to the internal value proposition: ‘Reveal your child’s true potential through a personalised experience delivered by our expert educators.’ We then turned this into an external creative platform: ‘Education, we make it personal.’


We updated ICS London’s brand guidelines with a new tone of voice and refreshed look and feel to bring the creative platform to life. This included boilerplate messaging, copy samples, photography guidelines and so much more.

We’ve since applied this to develop a plethora of assets for ICS London to use online, within the school and at events, including pull-up banners, posters, web banners and more.

“It was a real pleasure working with the bbp team on this project, and I truly believe it has helped ICS London find its niche in the market.”

Stephen Richards,
Director of Marketing and Admissions, ICS London

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