Worldpay from FIS

Giving merchants a window into
how the generations pay


Worldpay from FIS is a leading payment services provider for merchants globally.

In 2020, they conducted extensive research into the payment preferences, financial attitudes, and spending habits of 15,000 consumers, spanning fifteen countries and five generations. This research was compiled into the Generation Pay Report.


The Generation Pay Report needed to deliver cross-generational payment insights to merchants in order to facilitate more informed decision-making as they move into the next normal, following COVID-19.

Worldpay from FIS brought us on to create the report, as well as produce a suite of promotional assets that would encourage merchants to read it.


We set about designing an engaging report aligned to the new look and feel we’d created for Worldpay.

Next, we created an impactful video to be used across social channels to generate interest and drive traffic to the microsite. We also developed a plethora of assets to support the campaign. These assets included animations, GIFs, infographics, social posts, web banners, press ads, and more.

Many of these assets were subsequently designed up in several different languages.


7.4 million

Click-through rate 3.75x
above the LinkedIn benchmark

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