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Positioning payments as the fuel for greatness


Competition in the payments market is fierce. And with SMEs representing the longtail of businesses, winning their favour is key to staying ahead. We needed to reengage them by reasserting Worldpay from FIS as a payments partner with the experience and technology to help them thrive.


We developed the creative platform: ‘Where Greatness Happens’. This was the rallying cry for our above-the-line awareness campaign, which positioned payments by Worldpay as the fuel for SMEs’ success. We then fed this down into a hard-working lead generation campaign that focused closely on product benefits.


SME owners often see payments as a commodity. To mediate this, we identified six need states they care about and that Worldpay could deliver on, like cashflow support. We then created a platform that linked these need states to a common goal all business owners seek: success.


Our creative platform, ‘Where Greatness Happens’, was the rallying cry for our impactful above-the-line campaign, which positioned payments by Worldpay as the fuel for SMEs’ success.


We spread the word through press, radio, digital display and billboards, as well as internally, using employee campaign launch kits. We then laddered this down into our lead gen activity, which adapted this concept for use across digital display and social.


Reach of 66 million

6% uplift in organic website traffic

35% increase in organic website traffic

21% increase in web sales

“The creative and messaging are amazing and I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from all our senior internal stakeholders. They’ve been really impressed by the campaign and the impact it’s having on employees, not only in the UK SMB space but across the board. A big thanks to each of you for helping to carve out such a strong proposition and visual identity for this campaign.”

Matt Roots
Senior Marketing Director

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